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Are you planning to Study in Germany?

I and many of my friends usually gets loads of questions related to University, part time job prospects etc from India & rest of the countries. So, I decided to write a blog for all those people who need help related to this. General FAQs. (Please leave message in the comments if your Q’s is not answered, I’ll add that also)

1. How/what is the reputation of University of Applied Sciences?
University of Applied sciences is good for gaining practical experience while studying. Its is good for getting a good job after completion of courses. It comes into third category of the University system.

1. University
2. Technical University (TU)
3. Fachhocschule/Hocschule (university of applied sciences) (FH)

Many TU bachelors students join Master Programs in FH for getting good job in their field of choice.

TU’s are good for theoretical studies and off course for technical related studies which prepares you for Phd positions.

One more Important fact about FH is that many universities or TUs do not accept Phd candidates directly from FH. They are required to pass some preliminary test.

2. What is the part time job Prospects in Germany/Frankfurt?

Well, first of all, I just have to tell you one thing… “BE PATIENT
If you manage to speak enough good German then it becomes easy to find part time job but it will not guarantee to get part time job of your choice.

For getting good white collar job (office job) you need to be patient as you have to apply or send hundreds of applications & get hundreds of rejections and finally you may get one. But one more factor according to me helps is ‘LUCK’. You can also find openings for students job on your universities job portals. You can see the ads from various companies requirements and apply for the job. :)

3. How is the studies/course in the Universities/TU/FH?

First of all again, I want to say that its better to choose course of your interest rather than just choosing courses for sake of doing masters or bachelors.

The purpose of giving above suggestion is that almost every courses in Germany is very competitive & need to give your sincere effort regularly. They expect regular studies from you. So, if you lack interest then it will be not easy to complete the masters/bachelors programs. So, Please choose course of your own interest.

Second, its better to write/contact the concerned Professor or person for taking information about the prospects of Masters program. He/she is the best person to guide you in the process of admission & your finding perfect answer for your queries. Although asking from your seniors batch is not harmful but its better to rely on the information of Professor or the concerned person as your senior may not doing well or able to cope with the subject.

For information about Master of Science program in University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt am Main in

High Integrity System , you can refer my post – High Integrity Systems, Fh Frankfurt.
For Information Technology, you can refer my Post – Information technology, Fh Frankfurt

It may be helpful for you to some extent as I wrote what I felt/experience about the program.

4. What is the scenario of job Placements in the universities?

Unlike India, German universities do not have any facility of Training & Placement cell (T&P). Your placement after graduation fully depends on the master thesis your doing in the company. The company may absorb you but not always is the case. So try to do master thesis in some company or research organization as this will be beneficial for long time. So, you have to plan or target your master thesis in advance and also try to do internship with the company you are targeting as you will spend more time with the company and show your working potential.

Every German universities has its own job portals with openings from companies are posted. You can also refer that for finding Part Time job also. Even many companies visits campus for advertisement you may contact them directly. :)
So just want to say that the key is to Stay focused. 😀

5. What is the living cost of Germany?

Well, The living cost in Germany changes from city to city. As I can say about Frankfurt, the accommodations are bit expensive but fooding is cheap (you don’t believe, some fooding items are cheaper than India :)). To me, Germany is heaven for Foodoholic like me. 😀 Specially if you are non-vegetarian ( I avoid Beef). You can get many types of food to try.
Travel is also costly but you get Semester ticket to travel in your city or within your state in which your University belongs to.

6. What should I bring from India?

I strongly recommend to bring following items from India.

* Some different Passport (VISA) size photos (different from current VISA photos)
* Indian Masala (spices like Garam masala, dhaniya, Zeera, haldi etc.)
* Pressure cooker (its helps in making many dishes)
* Non-stick frying pan (can be used for making roti’s, sabzi, eggs etc)
* Sweaters & warm inner wears (Buy Winter jacket from Germany as it will according to the winter in Germany/Europe)
* Aachar (Pickles, if you are fond of)
* Get some packets of noodles (Maggi etc) for initial survival. :)
* For Smokers only: If you are smoker then get a cartoon of cigarettes of your brand. Its very very Expensive. 200 Cigarettes (i.e 10 packets containing 20 ciggies) are allowed to carry along with you.

I’ll keep adding FAQ’s & updating answering when I remember more points.

All the best for the future ahead!! Cheers.. 😀

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  1. Anonymous
    May 2, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    Hello Ankit,
    Ganesha here. is it possible to learn German after coming there. i have done a basic a1 course but do not have proficiency in German. I am interested to do part time job in a company while studying. So my little German will be an problem or ?

  2. June 4, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    Hello Ankit,

    I just want to say BIG THANKS to you for providing such a usuful and detailed information for the Indians, who are willing to come over there for masters.
    Again My Sincere Thanks to you.


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