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OpenVPN Server and Client Setup on Linux

OpenVPN Server and Client setup on Linux becomes very easy from a single shellscript that we developed. The shellscript is open-sourced to the world on github repository. The script name is ““. Please clone the project or download the script on your server machine. And lets get started. Assumptions: Server and Certificate Authority (CA) works from same server Client certificate… Read more →

Installation Guide for IF-MAP Server And Client

IF-MAP is a standard interface between the Metadata Access Point and other elements of the Trusted Network Connect (TNC) architecture. You can find documents define and specify IF-MAP HERE: IF-MAP Server (Java) – Install IF-MAP Client/Library (C/C++) – Install Download one zip file from project iron (SERVER): Download two zip file from libifmap2c (CLIENT):- “libifmap2c-0.2.0.tar.gz” & “libifmap2c-examples-0.2.0.tar.gz“.… Read more →

system() not recognizing path (with \\) using g++ complier for windows

I was using system() function “int system ( const char * command );” for executing an executable external program from CPP program. I want to give absolute and relative Path to the folder where executable was present. I was using/calling the system function in the program name “testExt.cpp” #include <stdlib.h> int main(){ system(“dir C:\\blabla”); system(“C:\\blabla\\xyz.exe”); return 0; } Then compile… Read more →

namespace – error: ‘vector’ has not been declared, ‘cout’ was not declared in this scope

If you are newbie in programming cpp programs and trying out simple ‘cout’, ‘endl’ operations or trying out your hands on vectors etc. And you found some same error patterns given below. isoStandardC.cpp:73: error: ‘cout’ was not declared in this scope isoStandardC.cpp:73: error: ‘endl’ was not declared in this scope isoStandardC.cpp:76: error: ‘cout’ was not declared in this scope isoStandardC.cpp:76:… Read more →

Documentation: Amazon S3 operations using Erlang

Documentation: Amazon S3 operations using Erlang Written By: Sascha Matzke ( Documentation Author: Ankit Singh  Modules: erlaws.erl, erlaws_s3.erl, erlaws_util.erl, erlaws.hrl Motive: The erlaws*.* modules are not written by me. Sascha Matzke is the orginal creator of the modules. The motive to write this documentation is to make it easy to use. Due to lack of proper documentation, I struggled for 3… Read more →

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